Staff & Teachers

A Dedicated and Caring Team

Our staff are a highly qualified team who are motivated to meet the individual needs of our pupils by enhancing their intellectual, emotional, social and physical development so that each pupil can function as independently as possible at home and within the wider community. We are committed to ensuring the children meet their full potential and lead lives with confidence as they grow and learn in a safe environment in which they are engaged and cared for on an individual basis. From local to international qualifications and experience, our teachers are really what sets us apart from any other special needs institutions in the country.

Clever Barton

Nursery Aide

A valuable member of the team who is always ready to learn and take on new challenges. He has been at Silver Linings for 2 years and is passionate about the children and his work.

Farai Saruchera

Senior Teacher - Senior School

Farai is a dynamic, engaging teacher who mentors our Senior pupils: inspiring and encouraging them to be the best members of the community they can possibly be!

Audrey Kongchow


Audrey’s hard work allows the financial cogs to keep turning smoothly and provides behind the scenes support at Silver Linings.

Shelby Miriams

Assistant Teacher - Junior School

The lovely Shelby is an assistant teacher and a UNISA qualified Foundation Phase Teacher.

Natasha Herbst

Assistant Teacher - Nursery School

Natasha Herbst has stayed on at Silver Linings after her time volunteering and is currently undertaking her Diploma in Educational Psychology.

Marleen Van Heerden

Assistant Teacher - Senior School

With a love of teaching special needs children and horse riding, Marleen is our valuable part of the Silver Linings team.

Dorika Moyo

Assistant Teacher - Junior School

Currently interning at Silver Linings, Dorika is qualified to teach primary special needs children and we value her time with us.

Christina Hall

Assistant Teacher - Senior School

Vibrant Christina qualified from Rhodes University and is currently an assistant teacher at Silver Linings.

Maria Armando

Teacher - Nursery School

Maria is beloved by her nursery class and holds certificates in Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder and is currently studying Special Needs Child development and Child Psychology.

Michal Langton

Teacher - Junior School

Michelle has spent over three years teaching young special needs children from 3 to 10 years old, and this is her second year teaching at Silver Linings.

Yevedzo Mazhude

Teacher - Senior School

A new welcome addition to the Silver Lining Senior School, Yevedzo is currently adding a Counselling course to her list of skills.

Elizabeth Masendeke

Senior Teacher - Junior School

With over two decades of experience as a teacher, Elizabeth is the backbone of our teaching staff.

Jeannie Scott


Mrs Scott is in her 3rd year as Headmistress of Silver Linings and a valued leader who cares for the school, staff and pupils.