Silver Linings Trust

The Silver Linings Trust

The Silver Linings Trust was established in 2014 as a Private Voluntary Organization (PVO) and an umbrella body under which the Silver Linings School and The Sunshine Zimbabwe Project fall. The Trust is governed by an experienced Board who always have the Schools’ best interests at heart and is made up of an Executive Director and three Committee members who meet regularly.

The objects of the Trust are:

  • To oversee an education programme for children and adults with special needs
  • To oversee the introduction and administration of the programme within established learning institutions at pre-school, primary, secondary and tertiary education levels throughout Zimbabwe, in terms of the Laws of Zimbabwe
  • To ensure that as many children and adults as possible with special needs have access to the programme
  • To raise funds to meet the construction and administrative requirements of the programme in participating schools
  • To hold and administer the immovable and movable assets of the Silver Linings Trust
  • To accept the transfer of the immovable and movable assets of the Silver Linings Trust
  • To acquire and hold further assets for and behalf of Silver Linings Trust.

There is an additional board for Silver Linings Schools whose responsibilities and tasks are outlined below:

Chairperson & Operations1. Chairman duties as specified in Terms of Reference set by Trust
2. School policies
3. Classroom technology
1. Set work streams for board members
2. Letters to parents as Chairman.
3. Oversee Staff performance evaluations
4. Hold management meetings.
5. Liaise with the Headmistress
Finance1. Budget
2. Accounts
3. Financial policies
1. Produce, approve and publish budget 2018
2. Review financials monthly.
3. Set school fees
Educationist & Operations1. School timetable
2. Afternoon school
3. Operations Manuals
4. Sunshine Project liaison
1. Review timetable.
2. Finalise ops manual.
3. Monitor levels of integration with schools.
4. Entrance differentiation matrix
5. Review results of staff evaluations.
6. Liaise with Sunshine Zimbabwe Project according to agreed topics
Marketing1. Fundraising for school
2. Marketing and PR
3. Parent Liaison.
1. Liaising with JS for marketing
2. Website
3. Vision and mission workshop with the Chairperson
4. Enhance Social Media use by school.
5. Oversee Newsletter
6. Create marketing strategy.
7. Signage for school
Asset management1. Asset functionality
2. Wish-list
1. Review content and costings for wish-list
2. Oversee Repairs and Maintenance of all assets
Trust Representative1. Quarterly school finance review
2. Volunteer teachers
1. Quarterly school finance review to fit in with Trust accounts.
2. Approve bursary applicants
3. Source volunteers from overseas