Senior School

Specialist Education into Adulthood

The Silver Linings Senior School teachers and staff are expertly trained to guide the pupils through the quagmire of puberty, the adolescence process and the coming of maturity. The School focuses on teaching vital life skills and making the pupils feel independent and able to take on the adult world as best within their abilities.

Currently, the school accommodates 16 pupils ranging from the ages of 13 to 18 and again follows the ethos of high-quality education, one on one attention and the same low student-teacher ratio of all the previous years. The Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for each child are again the basis of the curricular so each child can progress on their school journey and achieve their own milestones. Where necessary, daily observation and monitoring of medication is done, and feedback is provided on a regular basis to parents and entrusted medical practitioners.

Pupils in uniform Silver Linings
Senior Pupils In Class Using Tablets Silver Linings

Speech therapy and occupational therapy continue to be an integral part of our curricular through the senior school to holistically prepare and guide your child for the next phase in their lives.

Senior pupils in their last year of school attend the Sunshine Project on a weekly basis and participate in some of their activities, which allows for a smooth transition to the vocational training program upon graduation from the Senior School.

The teachers in the senior school are specialist staff in general education subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science etc. for special needs children in particular. The learning takes place in and outside the classroom as the pupils are also encouraged to learn practical skills like creating their own herb garden and preparing their own food. No child is left behind as they feel part of the Silver Linings family and community that gives them constant care and helps build their confidence.


The Silver Linings Senior School is located adjacent to the Hellenic Academy, on the premises of the Junior School. This integrative approach to education and special needs has seen great success and ensures that the school is ranked top of the special needs schools in Zimbabwe and the proof is in the happiness and success of our students. Silver Linings pupils take part in a variety of activities with Hellenic Academy and other special needs schools. They participate annually in the Hellenic Sports Day where the children experience the camaraderie of dressing in house colours and singing along with the war cries which they really enjoy and ensures the Silver Linings children feel part of the bigger community. Silver Linings hosts the Interschools Special Needs Gala with other special needs schools from around Zimbabwe.  The Silver Linings senior pupils also take part in the end of year Form 3 Hellenic School Ball.

Each year Silver Linings pupils put on a play in which all the children participate and children from different schools, parents and the community are invited to watch. This adds to their cultural aspect of learning and is another highlight of the children’s year.

Extra Curricular Activities

Specialist coaches are also contracted for the extra-curricular activities that extend to marimba, dance, tennis and horse riding as part of the program.

  • Marimba – hand-eye coordination development, creative expression.
  • Dance – energetic and fun exercises, teaches coordination, builds confidence
  • Tennis – teaches hand-eye coordination, evolves social skills and enhances gross motor skills.
Student in graduation attire Silver Linings
Silver Linings Special Needs School Speech Day
Silver Linings Senior School Reading Cards
Senior School Play Silver Linings
Silver Linings Special Needs School Swimming Gala Trophy
Silver Linings Senior School Play
Silver Linings Senior Swimming Gala
Silver Linings Special Needs School Speech Day
Silver Linings Senior Swimming Gala
Senior School Play Silver Linings