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Beginning the School Journey

Silver Linings Nursery School accommodates children aged between 4 to 7 years old, with a variety of learning, emotional, behavioural and communication difficulties. Through Individual Education Plans (IEPs) Silver Linings is able to deliver effective personalized learning in the classroom which is not only based on an academic curriculum but encompasses all aspects of the child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.

The Nursery School is based on the mainstream German School Society property which allows many opportunities for meaningful integration with other pupils and teachers. The school address is 10 Argyll Drive in Highlands and offers a peaceful and safe haven for the pupils and parents.

The Nursery School program also includes an array of fun and educational extra-curricular activities that are age-appropriate, such as swimming and music lessons.

Nursery School Playground Silver Linings

At Silver Linings, we advocate strongly on the importance of early intervention for children with special needs and have seen through our many years of experience the long-term benefits of starting with personalised and individual learning structures from a young age.

Decades of research have shown that children’s earliest experiences play a critical role in brain development. When children with developmental delays receive early intervention and focused learning programmes, while their neural circuits for learning and behaviour are the most flexible or “plastic”, a child’s developmental trajectory can be positively altered and outcomes (such as language and communication, cognitive development and social and emotional development) improved for the child and their family. (Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child’s research summary, 2011).

The maximum class size is only 7 pupils and ensures care and attention is given constantly to each pupil. There is a perfect balance between group and social activity and one on one time and tuition with each pupil.

Our therapies are an integral part of our curricular and not an “add-on”. Each week, pupils have sessions with speech and occupational therapists enabling them to overcome the many obstacles to learning that they may face.

An observation book is created for each child and updated daily which records patterns, behaviours, moods and other occurrences from the day in addition to their academic tasks and therapies. Feedback on the progress of the pupil’s development is vital and we invite parents to be part of their child’s learning journey at Silver Lining and to seek support from other parents sharing a similar experience.

  • Swimming: builds physical strength, works on gross motor skills, relieves strains on joints, encourages freedom of movement. Also learning how to swim and emergency floating techniques.
  • Music: creative and left-brain development, senses development.
Nursery School Silver Linings
Nursery School Silver Linings Playground
Nursery School Silver Linings Playground
Silver Lining Nursery School Pupil On Swing
Silver Linings Nursery
Silver Linings Nursery School Playground