Junior School

Building Confidence In Learning

The Silver Linings Junior School caters for up to 15 pupils at a time from the ages of 6 to 12 years old. As with the nursery school, the pupil-teacher ratio is as per the internationally recommended standard for special needs education of 3.5:1.

At this stage of the pupil’s development, we focus on a holistic balance of academic, group skills and confidence building and a true sense of progress week on week. Here the building blocks are laid as we focus on pre-writing skills, basic literacy and numeracy and teaching of social and life skills. An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is created for each pupil and consistently monitored in addition to the observation book and progress reports that are produced every 6 months for the pupil and parents. Extra attention is also offered to the children with  Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists who spend time in one on one therapy sessions with each pupil, each week.

Silver Linings Junior School Pupil and Teacher
Students and Teachers Silver Linings Junior School

The Junior School is located on-site at Hellenic Academy in Alexandra Park and allows for easy integration and socialisation between Silver Linings and Hellenic pupils. This is important for social development, modelling behaviour and learning. The Silver Linings pupils wear the same uniform as the rest of Hellenic, attend weekly assemblies and actively participate in the Hellenic sports days too.

Certificate and prize giving events are also held with Hellenic and parents are invited to show support for their child and the school.

Extra-curricular Activites

The Junior School program also includes an array of fun and educational extra-curricular activities that are age appropriate which includes horse-riding, swimming, tennis and athletics.

  • Horse-riding: strengthens the core, teaches balance, trust building in oneself and the animals, builds confidence, teaches the child how to care for an animal.
  • Tennis: teaches hand-eye coordination, evolves social skills and enhances gross motor skills.
  • Swimming: builds physical strength, works on gross motor skills, relieves strains on joints, encourages freedom of movement. Also learning how to swim and emergency floating techniques.
  • Athletics: fun exercise that exposes the children to a variety of different games. Students from Silver Linings attend the Sports Day at Hellenic School which they greatly enjoy.
Swimming Gala Silver Linings Special Needs School
Pupils and teachers in class Silver Linings Junior School
Silver Linings Junior Prize Giving Day
Junior School Play Silver Linings
Student receiving prize Speech Day Silver Linings
Painting Class Silver Linings Junior School
Silver Linings Junior Swimming Gala
Student Writing On Chalkboard Silver Linings Junior School
Painting Class Silver Linings Junior School
Junior School Speech Night Silver Linings