Frequently Asked Questions

It is a school for children who have special needs and are not managing to reach their potential in a mainstream environment. We cater for pupils who have learning, social and developmental challenges that require small classes, one on one academic learning with the teacher, an Individual Educational Plan and extra support in the form of Occupational Therapy and/or Speech Therapy.

At capacity, the school has 35 pupils. There are 5 classes, each with 7 pupils, a teacher and an assistant teacher. This meets international standards for special needs education of one teacher per 3.5 pupils.

Silver Linings takes pupils from the age of 4 up to 18 years old. They graduate from Silver Linings at the end of the year that they turn 18. Most of our pupils move onto The Sunshine Zimbabwe Project when they leave Silver Linings.

Silver Linings Nursery is at Newlands Nursery/ German School Society which is situated at 10 Argyll Avenue, Newlands. Our Junior and Senior schools are on the Hellenic group school property. Our pupils are included in many of the activities and events occurring at our ‘Host schools’ and wear the same uniforms, and follow the same rules as these schools.

Each class has a qualified teacher who either has a special needs qualification or is currently acquiring this. Many of our assistant teachers are also qualified teachers or are studying in order to have a teaching or special needs qualification.

Special needs (as opposed to remedial needs) generally means that, despite progress and development during a pupil’s time at Silver Linings, it is unlikely for the condition or challenges experienced by the child to disappear or improve. As a result, the ability to ‘catch up’ with mainstream peers seldom occurs.

Despite our small classes, our fees are on a par with mainstream schools. Contact our administrator for further details.

The Nursery school: 7:30 am to 12 pm
The Junior School: 7:30 am to 12:30 pm
The Senior School: 7:30 am to 1 pm

As part of the timetable and at no extra cost, we offer Horse Riding, Tennis, TAG rugby, Athletics, Music, Swimming and Art.
Optional extras include Golf, Judo and Dance.

We have opportunities for interested and passionate people to volunteer at the school. We usually have one volunteer per class to help out wherever needed, and at the same time gain valuable special needs education experience. Many of our current teachers started off as volunteers and as a result, have made it their career.

We also have a Wishlist, with the items we need at the school to enhance our teaching and the assets at the school. Donations can also be made, to assist with Bursaries for pupils who are unable to pay the fees.

If you have any further questions, please free to make an appointment or contact us for more information.